Djindja Udu (Nargusta)

Buchenavia tetraphylla

Commercial Name(s): Nargusta, Mirindiba, Periquitaira, Tanimbuca
Other Name(s): Verdolago Amarillo, Cuiarana, Jatai-Amarello, Mirindiba, Perquiteira, Timburita, Guayabon, Alasoabo, Cokerwood, Naharu, Anagossi, Anagouchy, Amarillo, Palo Amerillo, Rifari, Boes’amandra, Kalebashout, Guayabo, Carara, Guarajuba, Loirnho, Pau Mulato Branco, Tanimbuca, Yuyun, Guayabillo, Anangossiti, Chamisa, Yacushapana, Basamandel, Guyabi Amarillo, Pata De Dando Amarillo, Djindja-udu, Chichibridan, Olive negro
Botanical Name: Buchenavia tetraphylla, Burchenavia spp., Terminalia spp.
Botanical Family: Combretaceae

Shrinkage Radial (RS)
ShrinkageTangential (TS)
Coeff. Volumetric Shrinkage


Mirindiba is light yellow to yellow brown, sometimes with reddish veins. The sapwood is clearly demarcated. The grain is straight and the texture is medium. Density at 12 % moisture content: 0.93 g/cm3.The blunting effect is fairly high; peeling is not recommended or without interest and slicing is reported to be good. Nailing is good but pre-boring is necessary. Gluing is poor. It dries slowly. Mirindiba is moderately durable to fungi and is durable to dry wood borers; sapwood demarcated (risk limited to sapwood).

Mirindiba can be used for several applications such as:
• interior: e.g. flooring, sliced veneer, high class furniture, tool handles, industrial or heavy flooring.
• exterior: e.g. ship building, heavy carpentry, joinery

Typical use

Sliced veneer, Flooring, Cabinetwork (high class furniture), Ship building (planking and deck), Current furniture or furniture components, Interior joinery, Moulding, Turned goods, Industrial or heavy flooring, Heavy carpentry, Ship building (ribs), Arched goods, Exterior joinery, Tool handles (resilient woods), Exterior and interior flooring, Planking and framing, Decorative veneer and turnery.

Technical Information

Color: Yellowish brown to golden brown
Trees Size: 23 – 50 m
Trunk Diameter: 1.0 – 1.50 m
Monnin Hardness: 9.6
Crushing Strength (Mpa): 69 – 85
Basic Specific gravity: 0.86 – 1.00
Density (kg/m3 dry): 0.93
Grain: Straight to interlocked
Texture: Medium to coarse
Static bending strength (Mpa): 151
Modulus of elasticy (Mpa dry): 22380
T/R Ratio: 1.6
Finish: Excellent
Stability: Moderately stable to stable

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