Bruinhart (Brownheart)

Vouacapoua americana

Commercial Name(s): Brownheart, Wacapou, Acapu
Other Name(s): Bruinhart, Tatbu, Sara, Partidgewood, Ritangueira, Bois Perdrix, Sara, Bounaati, Wacapoe, Partidgewood, Ritangueira, Sarabebeballi, Bois Perdrix, Sarabebeballi.
Botanical Name: Vouacapoua americana
Botanical Family: Fabaceae-caesalpinioideae (angiosperm)

Shrinkage Radial (RS)
ShrinkageTangential (TS)
Coeff. Volumetric Shrinkage


Brownheart´s heartwood has a dark brown color with a fine stripy pattern. The grey brown sapwood is sharply demarcated. The timber has a sort of greasy touch. The grain is straight and texture is fine. Brownhear has a calcareous content. Machining goes well with a smooth result. Pre-drilling is recommended. Gluing and finishing are reported to be good. Drying goes slowly and must be done with care to avoid checking and deformation.

Brownheart is durable to very durable in ground contact, also it is reported to be resistant against marine borers.

This exclusive species is used for several purposes:
• interior: e.g. parquet, furniture and stairs
• exterior: e.g. boardwalks, gardens, piles and bridge constructions

Typical use

Cabinetwork (high class furniture), Interior panelling, Sliced veneer, Turned goods, Poles, Hydraulic works (seawater), Heavy carpentry, Exterior joinery, Bridges (Parts not in contact with water or ground), Current furniture or furniture components, Interior joinery, Flooring, Stairs (inside), Bridges (Parts in contact with water or ground), Ship building (planking and deck), Sleepers, Wood-ware.

Technical Information

Color: Medium to dark brown
Trees Size: 20 – 30 m
Trunk Diameter: 0.4 – 1.00 m
Moninn Hardness: 6.9
Crushing Strength (Mpa): 77 – 87
Basic Specific gravity: 0.87 – 0.97
Density at 12% MC (g/m3 dry): 0.91
Grain: Straight
Texture: Medium
Static bending strength (Mpa): 148
Modulus of elasticy (Mpa): 19780
T/R Ratio: 1.5
Finish: Excellent
Stability: Moderately stable

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