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Sustainable Forestry

Controlled Wood Harvesting

Sustainable forestry encompasses social, ethical, ecological, and economic factors. Sustainable forestry has to provide landowners with enough income to cover their costs. The key element in making sustainable forestry feasible is its effectively and gentle forestry – as practiced by Baco Wood.

Controlled wood harvesting is the prerequisite for sustainable forestry and sensible environmental protection. Companies such as Baco Wood, which certify and inspect timber, provide the world market with the best quality and displace the illegal suppliers, which without scruples destroy our environment and cause great damage in oure nature.

We guarantee our customers a gentle harvest of wood under the strict control of the SBB forestry authority in Suriname. Each individual tree is registered and harvested with the consent of the SBB. In other countries the term FSC is used.

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Strict quality control, professional and structured management and constant optimization ensure our customers the best quality of our products. Over 10 years of experience have made us what Baco Wood stands for today. We are interested in long-term customer relations. That’s why we give everything to ensure our customers are satisfied.